Google Ads Airlines Calls Flight Booking Campaign ( Best Google Ads Services )

PPC Flight Booking Campaign Call-only ads: Call Extensions are best for flight booking campaigns. It can take your campaign to the next level in terms of generating huge revenue.

We are experts to run Google Adwords calls only ads for flight booking Airlines Ticketing process.

Moreover, this is an appealing ad format for businesses that rely mostly on phone calls and can also be a benefit for companies with a smaller call focus.

Generate PPC Inbound Calls for Travel Flight Booking:

Reason to consider creating Flight Booking Campaign call-only ads:
There are three types of Air tickets business:

  • US Domestics
  • India to the USA
  • The USA to World

Two types of keywords we select in Creating a call-only ad in Google AdWords:

TYPE 1: Airline’s specific keywords like (United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Airlines)
TYPE 2: Customer keywords (Flights booking rates, cheap flights, last-minute flight deals).

PPC Call only ads for Flights Booking Benefits:

  1. The phone number can be placed at the very top along with the word “call” with call-only ads.
  2. It promotes increased attention with larger font sizes and coloured text.
  3. However, the call button is always displayed right next to the ad copy.

Direct Phone Calls for Flight Booking Ticketing Campaign

  • The customer will directly call your toll-free number instead of visiting the landing page.
  • Clicks on a call-only ad result in an immediate phone call.
  • Conversions are largely dependent on the incredible travel team in your call centre which makes it essential to have answers that are in line with the ad that spurred the call.

Additional Google Adwords tips for Airline Ticketing Flight Booking Campaign :

TIP 1: Keyword in the headline.
TIP 2: Promote your service or product properly.
TIP 3: Testing a call to action Vs no call to action.
TIP 4: Use display URL to add further relevance to the user.
TIP 5: Display URL best with keyword or something similar in it.
TIP 6: The keyword to help with quality score and relevancy.

Create Google Ads for Flight Booking (For Best Results)

Google Ads is as similar to an airport from where all marketing flights take off. It’s systematic, versatile, and delivers highly responsive results.

Google Ads can generate the perfect leverage for new websites to succeed. Google serves as the perfect ad platform as long as you adhere to its pro tips ad policies.

So, you can choose automatically when you want to launch a new flight booking website.

Best Google ad campaigns for flight booking

  1. Search ads
  2. Shopping ads
  3. Video ads
  4. Display ads
  5. App ads
  6. Call-only ads

Best keyword strategy for flight booking ads for Google:

  • Broad/ loose matching means the ad is showing up on searches related to your keyword.
  • Phrase/moderate matching means the ad is showing up in searches including the meaning of the keyword.
  • Exact/tight matching implies that the ad is appearing in searches with the exact meaning of your keyword.