Affiliate Marketing in Chandigarh

 Affiliate Marketing is the way through  which  you make money  by promoting other’s products and services.

affiliate marktingBy writing content and putting links  to promote products and services of someone’s business,  Affiliate Marketing tells each and every detail of the product you need to know to buy the product


Affiliate marketing is the medium of promoting another’s product or service   through Digital marketing. This techinque  started by amazon in the mid-1990s and now  more companies are accepting    this kind of  system of marketing as it is always a win-win situation for both the parties  involved.


Affiliate marketing is usually in the form of blogs which contains the  product reviews and embedded links that guide the visitors to the  site. When customers click these ads or links and  purchase something, then the  affiliate marketer earns some commission. Earnings through affiliate marketing are generally small in the beginning. It takes a lot of trust building with the customer and commitment towards the campaign to boost these earnings.

It is quite easy to sign up for an Affiliate Marketing Training Programme. All one needs is a platform on which he can run the affiliate marketing campaign such as a website or blog; a tie-up with a good, reliable target company and a set of rules under which to propagate another company’s products. The most important rule for the affiliate marketer should follow is to talk about products that he has used personally or is very familiar with. If he or she has never used that product, it would be difficult to give an honest report about it. Another important thing in the affiliate marketing is to never tell customers to actually buy the product. The blog or website must only give facts and information about a product and leave the final purchase decision to the customer.

Affiliate marketing is also directly linked to content marketing. The blog or website content should always be the driving force for the customer’s purchase decision, not the number of links strewn across the web page.


Affiliate Marketing Training Syllabus:


Fundamental Of Affiliate Marketing


  • What is Affilate Marketing
  • affiliate vs refferal
  • What is Merchant
  • Type of Affilate Network


How become Affiliate Advertiser?


  • What Advertiser Network?
  • Products/Service
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Search engine spam
  • Advertiser Requirements
  • Type of Ads
  • Ads Placement


How Become Affiliate Publisher?


  • What is Publisher?
  • Product Website Vs Publisher Website
  • Niches Website?
  • Create Content and Publish Post
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Join Publisher Network
  • Eligibility to become a Publisher
  • Apply the Code on Your Website


Affiliate Marketing is an important  part of Digital Marketing which helps in creating a small amount of earnings  without much effort. Our  Affiliate Marketing  Course is made with the goal to  help the people to become expert in affiliate marketing and help them generate second kind of income .  This is the right course for the one who are  looking for work by seating at  home  to generate extra income.

We also provide some other courses such as SEO Training ,E-COMMERCE MARKETING ,FACEBOOK  MARKETING ,PPC


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